Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Messing up

Stress can mess up your body or stomach action. Mine got worse since 2013, when my husband broke up with me, my brain aneurysm was diagnosed, and I was fired from my employer after 7 years service with them. I was a Kiwi, not eligible for benefits. I retrieved my superannuation to keep me alive. I put on 10 kgs.

I got to hospital on 22 April 2014, had a stroke during my surgery and put into BIRU for 6.5 weeks. I fought my ex-employer at QIRC and lost because my mental illness was not covered under legislation.

I stopped renting my lovely Scarborough home because it was too expensive. Eventually I moved into Bethania, but 4.5 months later they kicked my dog out  - and me. I attempted suicide. I put on 5 kgs.

I moved to Eagleby. I was in Tarlo Street 9.5 months when I found out that the unit was illegal - no approval from Logan City Council. I put on 5 more kgs.

I had been 72kgs, size 12, before all my stress issues. I was now size 16. I was so disappointed for what had happened over the last 4 years. Who was at fault??

Well, you know what? I don't blame myself. I didn't ask for the end of my marriage. I didn't ask for the brain aneurysm diagnosis. I didn't ask to be fired from my 7 years employer. I didn't ask for my stroke. But, over the last four years, I have fought to recover... and put on 20kgs during all of my stress.

I love red wine. I love the fact that I am now working, if only 10 hours a week. That will certainly help me get over my aphasia from stroke. I love SOHK, because there are people there I would not normally talk to. And I love my new neighbour, who would join me for a coffee, chat to me, drive with me, walk with me - make me feel okay. If I have to live with this extra weight, so be it.

I am loving my life!

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