Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mapping my walks

Have you ever used a program called Map My Walk? The one I use is called just that, and available for mapping your own walks wherever you are in Australia. Have a look at their website and pick your own city or town, or if you don’t live in any of those listed pick one close and move your map to find your own home area. If you set up this program in your own name and address, it can start, every time you log a map, at your own home. Try it!

I started using this back in September 2014 when I moved to Redlands area because of my stroke. My first map was a cycle one – I rode from Woody Point across the Hornibrook Bridge with my daughter. 12.89km! Later, in 2015, I recorded my walk from Woody Point to the Clontarf side of that bridge and return – 6.02km. I recorded each walk I took both of my dogs on. Those walks weren’t very long – most of them less than 2km – as both of my dogs were old/getting old, but I had some lovely walks to beaches on either side of the Scarborough peninsula. We would repeat, either direction. A dog doesn’t need too much change!

I still have my American Bulldog, Jordie, but she’s too old to walk now. I still plan my own walks on Map My Walk. Since I moved to Eagleby I’ve recorded a few more walks. I can go any direction: I can go through Albert River Park or the Oliver Sports Complex Park. I can go through walkways from one road to another. I can go pretty much anywhere I want to walk… and I can map it.

 My walks recently haven’t been very long – the longest one was 4.85kms – but if I want to go much further then I can work out where I want to walk.

You don’t need to trust in or believe in Map My Walk – there are heaps of others on Google – but this program pleases me. Have a look at it if you walk and would like to map it.

And if you try it, give yourself a pat on your back - you’re pretty damned good!!

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